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Best WooCommerce Order Status Plugins 2023 (Free & Paid)

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WooCommerce is an excellent platform for building an online store with WordPress due to its extensive features and functionalities. The platform provides many valuable features that will help you run your online business efficiently, with many opportunities to grow. For instance, various excellent WooCommerce order status plugins will help you manage your order status completely for your e-commerce business. 

WooCommerce is already integrated with some order statuses, but having a few more options is never a bad idea. Therefore, here in this post, we will shed some light on the best Woocommerce order status plugins for 2022. Let’s dive in.

Here is a quick overview of the Woocommerce order status plugins, so you can see the features they boast.

Woocommerce Order Status Manager (SkyVerge)

(SkyVerge) woocommerce plugin
Woocommerce Order Status Manager (SkyVerge)

When searching for an order status plugin with numerous features, you should consider WooCommerce Order Status Manager. With this plugin, you can easily edit, create and delete any custom order status and integrate it into your order management system.

When using WooCommerce Order Status Manager, you can incorporate the custom order status into your existing order management workflow, including bulk and order actions. This plugin provides site-wide functionality so that you can add it to any webpage of your website.

This plugin can create customized email templates that look better than WooCommerce’s defaults. You can use this plugin to build order statuses that better explain the fulfillment process to clients. As a result, it will simplify order management and improve customer service.


  • Adding icons or action buttons to new order statuses.
  • Providing customizable email templates
  • Provide options to add a custom status.
  • Safely delete custom statuses without affecting related orders.


The plugin costs $49 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce

brightplugins woocommerce plugin
Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce

When it comes to managing order statuses on your WooCommerce store, Bright Plugin’s Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce is the best option. As one of the most popular order status plugins, it has many features to make order management easier. 

Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce enables you to create, delete, and update order statuses to manage your orders better. Additionally, you can customize the monitoring of order status with custom colors, pictures, and icons.

You can also adjust the default order statuses, use custom statuses in your order list, and even set up new order emails to be sent when the order status changes. It can inform customers and store administrators alike of any changes to an order. When order status changes, administration, and customers can receive automated emails.


  • Add unlimited order statuses.
  • Provide payment methods with default statuses
  • Customizable status label option.
  • Create a status column in the order list.
  • Customers or administrators can receive email notifications.


Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce is an entirely free WordPress plugin.

product gallery slider
Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

Yith  woocommerce plugin
YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

With this comprehensive order status plugin solution, you can manage the order statuses in your WooCommerce store efficiently and effectively. The plugin allows you to create unlimited custom statuses and decide how to use them.

More importantly, the plugin improves your order page by adding more details and making it more user-friendly. In addition, you can modify WooCommerce’s default order status.

Additionally, the plugin lets you assign labels and icons to various order statuses, so you can quickly identify them. It unarguably improves operational efficiency and consumer experience in your WooCommerce store.


  • Unlimited custom order statuses.
  • Integrates with YITH WooCommerce Order Tracker
  • Edit WooCommerce default order status
  • Create custom emails for all custom statuses.


You can get YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status for 79.99 euros with one year of updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Order Status Control for WooCommerce

order control for WooCommerce
Order Status Control for WooCommerce

If you believe you require more than the default WooCommerce order statuses, you will benefit from the Order Status Control for WooCommerce. This plugin lets you change how your orders receive the “Completed” status. 

After payment for downloaded products, WooCommerce sets the order status to “Completed”. This plugin might be helpful if you want to automatically complete paid orders for virtual goods on your site.

Additionally, Order Status Control for WooCommerce lets you complete multiple orders if your fulfillment flow doesn’t require a specific step after the customer completes the purchase. You can easily automate order completion in your WooCommerce store, regardless of the product categories.


  • Default WooCommerce order method is available.
  • Paid orders are marked as complete along with physical products.
  • Once the customer lands on the thank you page, the order status will become complete no matter what it contains.


Order Status Control for WooCommerce is an entirely free WordPress plugin.

Status Tracking

Status tracking
Status Tracking

Order Status Tracking WordPress plugin lets you keep clients informed about their orders based on custom order fields and order history. Using this robust plugin, you can fully customize the typography and functionality of the order status page.

The plugin allows you to manage orders, projects, shipments, or any item you want. You can also set up alerts so that clients receive emails when orders are generated or changed.


  • Enhance the order detail page’s functionality and appearance.
  • Multiple formats and layouts.
  • Make order information more useful by adding custom fields.
  • Assign orders to sales representatives and customers.


The plugin costs $39 for a single site license.

Custom Order Status for WooCommerce (Tyche Softwares)

Tyche plguins
Custom Order Status for WooCommerce (Tyche Softwares)

The Custom Order Status for WooCommerce is one of the most popular order status plugins for WooCommerce. You can quickly create multiple custom order statuses and easily customize them using this plugin. You can also customize the action buttons and icons for the custom statuses.

This plugin can also establish a custom order status based on the customer’s payment method. Additionally, the plugin allows you to add custom statuses to your orders in bulk directly from your WooCommerce dashboard. 


  • Payment medium-specific status setting.
  • Provide options for customizing the slug, icon, and color.
  • Admin reports provide custom statuses.
  • Sending custom notification emails.


The Custom Order Status for WooCommerce plugin is free, and a single store license for the premium version costs 39 USD per year.

Order Tracking for WooCommerce (VillaTheme)

Tracking plugin woocomemrce
Order Tracking for WooCommerce (VillaTheme)

You can generate order tracking numbers and forward them to your customers using the Order Tracking for WooCommerce plugin. These tracking numbers will allow them to track and learn more about their order’s progress.

Aside from these features, the plugin also integrates more than 80 carriers. If your desired carrier isn’t listed, you can manually add them from the carriers page, and you need to enter the tracking code and select a carrier.


  • Export and import tracking numbers
  • Add tracking info to PayPal transactions
  • Provide custom shipping carriers
  • Provides Paypal Sandbox support


The free version of Order Tracking for WooCommerce is available on, and in the premium version, you get only 30$ from codecanyon

Advanced WooCommerce Order Status & Action Manager (proword)

Action Manager codecanyon
Advanced WooCommerce Order Status & Action Manager

With Advanced WooCommerce Order Status & Action Manager, you can add, update, and remove custom order statuses for WooCommerce orders. You have various display and color options depending on your custom order statuses, and you may create them to simplify the management of orders based on order status or price.

The plugin’s approach to including custom orders is particularly interesting. You can add action buttons to the order pages by creating a “next status” flow. This plugin also allows you to give consumers further information via emails associated with the new custom statuses.


  • Add icons and action buttons to your custom statuses.
  • Drag-and-drop option makes it easy to organize order statuses.
  • Personalize your emails with templates.
  • Make order statuses more visible with colors.


This plugin is available for $24 for the Regular License.

WooCommerce Order Page Manager (xpertsclub)

Page Manager xpertsclub
WooCommerce Order Page Manager

With the WooCommerce Order Page Manager plugin, you can manage orders and track product stock. The drag-and-drop interface makes managing order page columns easy, and you can sort the columns on the order page by default using this plugin.

Alternatively, you can send automated emails to customers informing them about their orders. Several email templates are available for you to choose from. As a result of its shortcode-friendly design, this plugin is relatively easy to use. With the shortcodes, you can easily create custom order statuses.


  • Add action and icon buttons.
  • You can edit and enable new order emails in WooCommerce.
  • Give customers an overview of their order status.
  • Provide options for adjusting the column’s position


With this plugin, you’ll receive six months of updates and support for only $39.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin lets you integrate Order Tracking functionalities into your WooCommerce store. By using this WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin, you provide your customers with an easy way to track their order delivery from various shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and 80+ other carriers.

The Takeaway

That’s all from today’s round about the best WooCommerce order status plugin. In summary, WooCommerce provides you with several options for managing order statuses. 

If you want a powerful plugin that allows you to customize order statuses, the Custom Order Status Manager for WooCommerce is perfect for you. Due to its several more features and availability for free, the plugin offers many more benefits than other paid plugins.

If you want to use order status control plugins, we recommend the Order Status Control for WooCommerce, as it provides the rich features you need to enhance your order status flow for free. We hope you have found this article helpful in gaining some insight into the best WooCommerce order status plugins.

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