Bayna - Deposits for WooCommerce

Allowing customers to pay for products using a deposit payment.

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Are you currently running an online store?

If so, you may explore various methods that can support your conversions and sales. One of the best methods you can use is by providing partial payment options to all your customers.​

Doing this will let your customers not having to pay the total product price while they buy. What’s more, it allows you to give an amount they need to pay upfront and then collect the rest of the amount at predefined intervals.

What is the Benefits of Using a Deposit Plugin?

Having an option to make partial payments for the products they like would help specific customers to take a unique interest in your website. They may return to your site more often if they find that the partial payment plans help them buy products they couldn’t avail of otherwise. Eventually, that will lead to better customer loyalty to your store.
  • Provide a positive experience to your customers who cannot pay the full amount beforehand to prevent losing their orders

  • Enhance your sales by letting partial payments for high-value items

  • Increased conversion rate by offering flexibility to the customer to pay a deposit amount

  • Support loyalty to your customers by letting them pay only a partial amount of the product