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7 Best WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Plugins

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Would you like to attract more attention to your products? Afterward, you must present them as well as you can. The display of your products should encourage customers to buy or add more items to their shopping carts.

Open-source e-commerce platform WooCommerce enhances product display and increases sales with its robust features. You only need to install the appropriate product gallery slider plugin.

For a complete look at your website, you might want to check out plugins for product gallery sliders for WooCommerce. You can display your visuals in a dynamic and exciting style with the aid of these plugins. Therefore, this post will highlight the best WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins to help you make a choice.

Why Should You Use WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Plugins?

There is no doubt that WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world today. This platform allows you to create an online store quickly and easily. Most WooCommerce themes are suitable for product display pages in shops. You can add and manage product galleries easily, but there isn’t much function to customize.

To dynamically present your products in the product gallery, you should use WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins. You can display your products with various animations and effects with a plugin. Moreover, you can create a unique product gallery by selecting from various layouts.

Furthermore, you can customize your product gallery to match your existing website’s colors, fonts, and elements.

You don’t have to worry about complicated code. Additionally, these plugins provide several additional functions. Next, let’s go over them a little more closely.

Best WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider Plugins

The WooCommerce platform offers the best eCommerce store designs. You can enhance the attractiveness of the product page by using several WooCommerce product gallery slider plugins. Additionally, it facilitates immediate customer attention to your products.

The following are some of the best plugins for product gallery sliders.

Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce
Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

A cluttered or poorly organized product gallery may turn off potential buyers. The gallery layout can have a significant impact on how customers perceive it. Therefore it would be a decent idea to use the Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce.

The plugin allows you to convert your cluttered product gallery into a stylish product carousel. An easy-to-view carousel with gorgeous product images will pique your customers’ interest.

You can control the navigation icons, their colors, and whether the slideshow will play automatically. Develop a product gallery slider that meets your customers’ needs. Make scrolling through product photos more enjoyable for customers. Their intuitive use of your product photos can result in more basket items.


  • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Support for navigation.
  • Having control over AutoPlay on slides thumbnails.
  • Create horizontal and vertical gallery sliders.
  • Good RTL support.
  • Compatible with most premium themes.
  • Provide options to customize the image size for the gallery.


A free version of the plugin is available in the WordPress repository.

Twist – Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

Twist – Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce

Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce – Twist is one of the most popular product gallery slider plugins. It can help attract customers to your products and encourage them to buy. The product gallery slider plugin offers two layout options: horizontal and vertical. The Autoplay Mode automatically starts playing videos when a visitor opens a product page.

It supports Arabic languages due to its RTL support. Therefore, you will connect with more potential clients worldwide. Moreover, your customers and site visitors can zoom in on the product image to look closer.

You can use the plugin with all popular page builders, such as WP Bakery, Divi, Elementor, etc.

The plugin allows you to embed Vimeo, YouTube, or self-hosted videos into slides. Engaging photos will help your product gallery stand out and appeal to customers more.

This plugin makes your product slideshows responsive and compatible with all devices. Simple design, flexible customization options, and first-class customer support make this plugin stand out.


  • Your customers will enjoy the user-friendly arrow key navigation.
  • With the autoplay function, you can display product videos. 
  • Compatible with lightbox and several web themes.
  • Thumbnail navigation and RTL support are also available.
  • Horizontal and vertical gallery layouts are available.
  • It allows the slider to add Vimeo, Youtube, and self-hosted videos.
  • Customize product images with predefined sizes.
  • Allow zooming in on individual images for a closer look.
  • An intuitive mobile-friendly plugin.


The plugin costs $39 one-time and includes one year of support.

WooThumbs for WooCommerce

WooThumbs for WooCommerce
WooThumbs for WooCommerce

One of the most popular options for a high-end single product gallery slider plugin is WooThumbs for WooCommerce. You can easily add products to your product gallery and customize them using the plugin. The product gallery slider also allows you to add videos.

In terms of the video, you can embed videos from Vimeo or YouTube. Furthermore, there are no limits on how many photos you can add. You can even add several product photos with the product variations.

This plugin is mobile-friendly and features pinch-and-zoom capabilities. While the plugin provides many features, it doesn’t affect website performance.


  • Adapt the layout of the product gallery to your items.
  • It includes pinch-and-zoom capabilities and is mobile-friendly.
  • You can include unlimited images in your product variations.
  • Easy to use and doesn’t slow down your site.
  • The product gallery allows you to embed videos directly.


A single site license for WooThumbs begins at $79 per year.

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider by FmeAddons

WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider by FmeAddons
WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider by FmeAddons

Using the WooCommerce product gallery slider plugin, you can display various product photos simultaneously in a slider. In the slider, customers can view all product images without clicking on each one individually. The plugin comes with a bunch of features.

It allows you to display gallery photos via an auto-slider to choose from. You can create a gallery slider and embed product videos for particular WooCommerce products and categories. Moreover, you can choose between several layouts and styles based on your preferences, such as horizontal, vertical right, and vertical left.

Because of its responsive design, the user can zoom in on the product photos to get a closer look at them. Additionally, customers can preview the product photos in a lightbox.


  • Have product or category-specific gallery sliders.
  • Different navigation styles: Lightbox, Bullet, and Arrow.
  • The gallery allows you to add product videos.
  • It lets customers zoom in on products.
  • The gallery automatically plays product images.
  • Gallery sliders with multiple layouts.


The plugin costs $49 and comes with one year of support.

TP WooCommerce Product Gallery by TP Plugins

TP WooCommerce Product Gallery by TP Plugins

You can add tons of functionality to your product gallery with TP WooCommerce Product Gallery, a premium plugin. Its lightbox and navigation features convert your standard WooCommerce product gallery slider into a compelling photo gallery. The free version has fantastic features, like responsive design, horizontal sliders, and autoplaying sliders.

The plugin also features three distinct zooming methods and three distinct picture transition methods in the lightbox. There are also a lot of image slider effects to choose from. Adding videos to the product gallery is available for premium users who can choose whether to display them horizontally or vertically.

You have the option of customizing the slider. You can also change the background color of the slider and its arrows. The product gallery slider will fit any screen size because the plugin is responsive.


  • Providing options to change the background and color of arrows and icons.
  • Each product variation displays a different image.
  • There is an on/off lightbox setting for thumbnail images.
  • Customizable slider background is available.
  • Provide the option of changing the video button background.


It is available in free and paid versions. The premium plan includes updates and support for one site license, costing $20 per year.

WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery By Thrive Website Design

WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery By Thrive Website Design
WooSwipe WooCommerce Gallery By Thrive Website Design

With the WooSwipe product gallery plugin, you can attractively present your products on your online product page.

Using PhotoSwipe, the WooSwipe WooCommerce gallery plugin offers keyboard control, two color options, and a pin-to-Pinterest option. It is a mobile-friendly and responsive product slider plugin. 

The plugin allows you to upload unlimited photos and videos with just one click. It provides a range of functions that you can tailor to your needs. With its simple and intuitive interface, beginners can easily download and use the plugin comfortably.

Activating WooSwipe on your WooCommerce store will enable the plugin automatically for your products.


  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly plugin.
  • WooSwipe comes with WooCommerce optimized gallery settings.
  • It supports full image size and has two color options.
  • With keyboard controls, customers can browse the product gallery. 
  • The WooSwipe community forum offers expert assistance and reliable support.


It’s a free version available on the WordPress plugin repository.

The WooCommerce product gallery plugins are great for personalizing product galleries. With these plugins, you can change the appearance and design of your product gallery. Your product page will look more professional and increase sales with their help.

Gallery Slider for WooCommerce by ShapedPlugin

Gallery slider by ShapedPlugin

Using this plugin, you can give your consumers a well-organized view of your products. It is undoubtedly going to increase your sales. As an additional feature, the plugin lets you add additional photos for each variant when you switch product variations. Furthermore, this plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and supports RTL. 


  • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • Doesn’t require any coding.
  • Option to delete variation images.
  • Showing thumbnails of items.
  • All WooCommerce themes are compatible.
  • It works with Gutenberg.
  • It works with all major browsers.


Both a free and a paid version of the plugin are available. The pro version costs $49 for a single site license with additional features.

Final Words

If you are looking for a plugin that allows you to add videos to your product gallery and has several premium features, Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce – Twist is your best choice. 

Are you looking for a free gallery slider plugin for your product gallery that provides all the standard features? If so, you should go for Product Gallery Slider for WooCommerce.

Every plugin on this list offers something useful, from the ability to add sliders and display products in a variety of layouts to the ability to add videos. You’ll have to examine each plugin’s characteristics carefully to find out which one suits you best.

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