How to get Perfect Featured Image Size in WordPress?

There are more than 835 million sites that use WordPress. The site must be maintained perfectly in order to maximize SEO value and provide optimal user experience. According to HTTP Archive, images make up around 64% of a website’s weight. We can reduce image size without reducing quality, which will directly impact page load speeds and user experience. Featured images are something that we use in every post. So it is important to have a proper idea about WordPress featured image sizes . Using well-designed images and sizing them correctly will help you revitalize your WordPress posts. Keep on reading to understand the perfect featured image size in WordPress. 

The featured image in WordPress is the primary image that represents a post, page, or custom post type. It’s typically displayed prominently at the top of the content or in listings where the post is previewed. It serves as a visual representation of the content and is often used by themes to make your website more visually appealing and engaging.

Your WordPress post's visual representation is its featured image.
Your WordPress post’s visual representation is its featured image.

A visually appealing website with well-chosen featured images can enhance the overall user experience, making your content more engaging and inviting to explore. Besides, it helps to 

Increase Visual Appeal

 The featured images enhance the visual appeal of your website. People use it to provide a graphical representation of the contents. A well-chosen featured image can attract visitors and encourage them to read your content. It helps to connect audiences with the content instantly. Especially after the popularity of short videos, it is crucial to use graphics to maintain interest.

Help in Social Sharing

When your content is shared on social media platforms, the featured image often accompanies the link. A compelling image can increase click-through rates and engagement on social media.

Boost SEO

 Search engines often rank content based on the presence of images. 

Using a relevant and high-quality featured image with proper alt text and description can improve your SEO.

Besides, featured images can visually organize and categorize content in archive pages or category listings. It makes it easier for visitors to navigate and find what they’re looking for.

Featured Image Size in WordPress
How to get Perfect Featured Image Size in WordPress? 19

The most ideal WordPress featured image size is 1200 x 628 pixels. This site satisfies the requirements of most WP blog themes. The dimensions might vary depending on personal preferences and theme layouts.

WordPress automatically creates four different versions of uploaded images: 

  • Thumbnail (150 x 150 px)
  • Medium (300 x 300 px)
  • Large (1024 x 1024 px)

The original uploaded image size is considered the ‘Full Size’

Menu: Settings > Media
How to get Perfect Featured Image Size in WordPress? 20

You can change WordPress featured image sizes following different methods. You can utilize any of the methods to change WordPress featured image sizes. 

Method 1: Editing the Image in WordPress

Step 1: Access the Image Editing Options

 Inside your WordPress Media Library, select the image you want to edit. Click on the “Edit Image” button.

Step 2: Adjust Image Dimensions

You can crop, rotate, or flip the image. You can scale the image by changing its dimensions in pixels. Be cautious, as scaling might reduce image quality.

Step 3: Save The Changes 

Once you’ve adjusted the dimensions, click on the “Scale” button to save the changes. 

Method 2: Properly Size the Image Before Uploading It

You can also make perfect-sized images using different photo editing software. Nowadays, there are so many online photo editors are there. You can use those platforms to resize images according to your requirements and then upload them. 

Method 3: Set the Featured Image Size In WordPress with PHP

If you are a web developer or have an idea about coding you can use this method to get the perfect featured image size in WordPress. We recommend using this method if you have a proper idea about WordPress. 

  • Locate your theme’s functions.php file.
  • Insert the following line of code to adjust the featured image size:
<?php set_post_thumbnail_size($width, $height, $crop); ?>

Replace $width and $height with your desired dimensions in pixels. Adjust the $crop option to determine if the image should be cropped or not (True/False).

Note on Using PHP Code: Before making any changes, create a site backup.

Edit or Create a Post/Page

 In the WordPress dashboard, go to “Posts” or “Pages” and select the one you want to edit or create a new one.

Find the Featured Image Section

 Look for the “Featured Image” box at the right-hand side of the editing screen. If you don’t see it, you might need to enable it by clicking on “Screen Options” at the top-right corner of the screen.

set Featured Image on WordPress
How to get Perfect Featured Image Size in WordPress? 21

Add or Select an Image

Click on the “Set Featured Image” link within the Featured Image box. You’ll be prompted to upload a new image or select one from your media library. Choose the image you want to set as the featured image and click “Set Featured Image.”