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How to Enable Deposit/partial payment feature for Product?

After activating the plugin on your site, you will find a new tab under the product data section called ‘Deposit .’ From this tab, you can manage deposit options.


  1. Deposit Tab
  2. Check this if you like to enable deposit feature for this product
  3. Deposit type has two options: percentage and fixed amount.
  4. The deposit value will be set based on point number 3 and this field should not be empty.
  5. By default full payment will be pre-selected on the frontend. if this check-box will be selected then the product will be added as deposit mode if customers click ‘add to cart from the catalog page(s) or pre-selected ‘Pay Deposit‘ button on the single product page.

Variation product type: the deposits options are available under each variable

img-7 Deposits option for variabel product