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What is the difference between classic and Default Variation behavior options?

In version 3.2.4, we added a new option called “Variation Behavior.


Default Mode:

The default mode is shown a variation product image based on the first image of the gallery. It will replace the first thumb and feature image if any image is set on the variable field.

Classic Mode:

The classic mode is a new feature that we have added in version 3.2.4. it’ll slide the image based on the selected variation. But it’s required to add all the same variation product images into the main gallery section. Otherwise, it will show the wrong impression.


Note: if you update from the previous version to 3.2.4, this feature might not work correctly on some websites. In that case, we will highly suggest you clear the server cache/ WordPress cache (Plugins) or browser cache to keep this working. If the purge cache is not solved, you need to reset the “Advanced Options” section.